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I'm Dave. On The Pen is my thing. My passion. But so are my 4 kids, and so is my day job. In order to sustain my efforts, I have to cover the costs involved with OTP. The website, the programs that make it pretty, and the tools that help people connect to it. A gift of ANY amount is greatly appreciated!

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Be A Cam Sample

If you are even a casual football fan, by now you know that last night Joseph Ossai (a defensive player for the Cincinnati Bengals) made an eggregious football error near the end of the AFC championship game that put Kansas City into better field position to kick the winning field goal and head to the super bowl.

Ossai sat on the bench as the Chiefs celebrated on the field, while his entire team left for the locker room. One coach attempted for a few moments to console him, but his team mates, his people had left him. Sobbing. Alone in his yuck. This until Cam Sample #96 for the Bengals, rejoined Ossai on the bench and spent a few minutes sitting with Ossai in his yuck. Preusmably, he encouraged his teammate, and eventually, they would leave the field for the locker room, together.

How does this relate to Mounjaro and weight loss? Well, no matter where you are on your health journey, we have all felt like Joseph Ossai at one point or another. We have all needed a Cam Sample to encourage us to get up off the bench, and that brighter days are ahead of us. There's no use sitting alone in our yuck.

My encouragement to you today if you are feeling like Joseph, get up off the bench. Today is a brand new opportunity to start working again towards your goal. Don't sit in your yuck. If you are not feeling that way, find someone who is. While they may not be head down in their hands, sobbing on the bench, there are hurting people everywhere, and at all times. Be en encourager, be the one to sit in people's yuck with them, and be the one to encourage them that they are not going to stay there.

Be Blessed,


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