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Mounjaro is fixing my broken.

Some days my goal weight seems farther away than others. As I type this out, the scale currently tells me I am 288 pounds. That's down 24 pounds (from 312) just 79 days ago, the day I started Mounjaro. Yet, this feels like losing at a snails pace, especially when I fall into the comparison trap.

I have been stuck in one of those couple week-long periods where I experienced a 4 pound drop, then spent the next two weeks regaining them and losing them. It isn't that I don't understand scale fluctuations, or people's well intentioned reminders that muscle weighs more than fat. It's just that 100 pounds is a lot to lose, especially with how slowly it seems to come off of me.

But is it really that slow? The math tells me I have been losing .3 pounds per day. That's pretty dang good. That pace would turn 365 days into my goal weight loss of 110 pounds. Sure I can look back and compare the slower pace to times where I have lost 30 pounds in 1 month, but I'd sooner regain it all (and then some). The gift of the "slower-and steadier" progress is that I haven't experienced the misery of the effort it takes to lose tremendous amounts of weight in a short period. Nor have I experienced the massive frustration of crashing under the pressure of failing to maintain that level of effort.

By now, almost three months in, I would have already begun the rapid regain phase of my dieting. This time around, it is different. This time around I have the proper tool to help me achieve success the right way. This time around, I have Mounjaro. For once in my life, I have been given a tool to fix what was biologically broken so that meals are no longer a source of reward or punishment. It has fixed my broken biology, and it is fixing my broken mentals. Most simply stated (in the words of site member Melissa H.), "It has fixed my broken". I love that phrase.

Friends in the community have asked me to make videos about the foods that I have been eating, and soon, I plan to do it. It will be vulnerable. It will leave me open to criticism from the ignorant and the simple minded, of which the internet is not in short supply. The fact of the matter is that sharing makes my and other's journeys easier, and that's what all of this has been about.

It's all worth it, and your being here is the best part of what I do. If you're new here, thanks for coming. My journey has been documented here: with plenty more to follow.

Be Blessed,


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