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Move Over Ozempic and Zepbound, it’s TERNS Turn!

At On The Pen, we are constantly looking into the latest advancements in medical treatments for obesity, and TERN Pharmaceuticals is emerging as a leader with some exciting approaches to tackling this complex health issue. There are three particularly promising pharmaceuticals from TERN: TERN-601, TERN-501, and the TERN-800 series. Each represents a unique approach to the management of obesity, all of which demonstrate TERN's commitment to developing cutting-edge therapies.

TERN-601: A New Frontier in GLP-1 Treatment

TERN-601 is making waves as an oral, small molecule GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) receptor agonist. Of course this would rival Eli Lilly’s phase 3 small molecule GLP-1, Orforglipron. Currently in Phase 1 clinical trials, this drug aims to harness the body's own mechanisms for controlling appetite and insulin secretion. With the multiple ascending dose (MAD) portion of the study well underway, TERN-601 is being tested for its effectiveness in reducing body weight through once-daily administration. Promisingly, initial safety data from these trials indicate no significant adverse effects, setting a hopeful tone for its future potential.

Harnessing the Power of Thyroid Hormones: TERN-501

Next up, TERN-501, an oral thyroid hormone receptor-beta (THR-β) agonist, explores a different pathway in metabolic disease management. THR-β agonism offers a complementary mechanism to GLP-1, potentially enhancing metabolic benefits and facilitating greater weight loss. Preclinical studies have been particularly encouraging, suggesting that TERN-501 could amplify the weight loss effects of GLP-1 agonists in diet-induced obese mouse models. This points to a potent combination strategy that could revolutionize obesity treatment.

More GIPR Modulation Exploration with the TERN-800 Series

Finally, the TERN-800 series is at the cutting edge of obesity research, focusing on glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor (GIPR) modulators. These small molecule agents are being developed to work in tandem with GLP-1 receptor agonists. The goal? To create a synergistic effect that could significantly enhance therapeutic outcomes in obesity management. With ongoing efforts to nominate a GIPR antagonist development candidate, TERN is paving the way for what could be a game-changing approach in the field.

At, we're always on the lookout for breakthroughs that could offer new hope and better health outcomes. TERN Pharmaceuticals' bold strides in addressing obesity with novel mechanisms not only highlight the potential of modern pharmacology but also give us a glimpse into a future where obesity could be more effectively managed, or even prevented. Stay tuned as we continue to follow these exciting developments!

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