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My Mounjaro Must Haves

This is not medical advice, only what I have used or think may be useful for those on the Mounjaro or GLP-1 journey. These links are an easy way to support the channel.

Several without Cash app or Venmo ($DizzleKnizzle / @DizzleKnizzle) have reached out in recent days asking how they can support the work that I am doing. Just a simple click from these links with any purchase at Amazon provides a small comission that helps support the stream.

Nausea/Dizzy Feeling (bad nausea that interferes with your life can be treated by your PCP with Zofran). The feeling can often be brought on by electrolyte imbalance :

FDA Cleared relief band (pricey):

At home mineral test:

Sacred Eats Electrolytes:

LMNT Electrolytes:

Magnesium Supplement:

Potassium Supplement:

Heartburn (there are more options if this is unbearable, your PCP can help with that) these chewy tums work best for me:

Constipation (remember fewer bowel movements when you’re consuming less is normal):

Amazon Lax (miralax knock off): Digestive Enzymes:

Supplemental Greens (I use because I don’t often eat enough greens in my diet):

Athletic Greens:

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