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Pharmacies Slowly Receiving New Shipments of Zepbound and Mounjaro

Updated: Apr 12

In the wake of unprecedented shortages, which have spurred the #ReleaseTheVials campaign on TikTok and spread to other social media outlets, Eli Lilly appears to have resumed some shipments to wholesalers as a number of pharmacies around the US have begun to restock their supply of the popular type 2 diabetes and obesity management medicines.

A good number of posts within the “Zepbound for Weight Loss” group on Facebook, as well as the comment sections of popular GLP-1 content creators have been abuzz with more and more patients reporting their meds have shipped, or they have been contacted by their pharmacies letting them know their medications can be filled

If you are still awaiting your fill you can try the following tips that others have shared finding success with:

  • Call around to as many pharmacies as are in a driveable distance (hospital pharmacies are often prioritized in times of shortages)

  • Ask your pharmacy to do a 50 mile radius search (if available) to see if there is supply within a driveable distance

  • Remember that different pharmacies use different wholesalers, and as such, supplies will vary by region and by pharmacy

  • Consider speaking with your Dr. About obtaining a 90 day supply when available

This is welcome news to a community of people who have become increasingly anxious about Lilly’s ability to keep up supply amid Zepbound’s historic launch. For more breaking news and information on all things GLP-1, make sure you subscribe to and follow us on all the social media channels.

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