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Fake Brand Name Ozempic from Pharmacies!?

Updated: 6 days ago

The FDA is currently probing a range of illegal activities that involve the distribution of fake versions of Ozempic, a medication in high demand for weight loss, according to a recent warning from an industry trade group.

This comes in the wake of an earlier discovery of a counterfeit Ozempic injector pen being sold in a U.S. pharmacy. The warning, sent to members of the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition, states that scammers are posing as employees of medical wholesale companies, hijacking their accounts and targeting pharmacies in search of discounted Ozempic. The schemes are especially concerning due to the drug's already limited supply amid rising demand. The counterfeit sellers often provide enough paperwork to make the transactions appear legitimate and may require upfront payments, non-disclosure agreements, and the establishment of purchase accounts, sometimes even including fake transaction statements.

See the image below from Novo Nordisk which shows the difference:

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