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More Threats to Lilly's Tirzepatide Printing Press

Roche's Strategic Acquisition of Carmot Therapeutics Sets Stage for Intense Competition with Eli Lilly

Roche's recent acquisition of Carmot Therapeutics marks a significant shift in the competitive landscape for diabetes and obesity treatments. This strategic move brings three promising assets into Roche’s portfolio, each poised to challenge Eli Lilly's leading products.

CT-388 vs. Tirzepatide: A Weekly Dosing Contender

CT-388, a dual GLP-1/GIP receptor agonist administered weekly, mirrors Eli Lilly’s tirzepatide in targeting obesity and type 2 diabetes. In early clinical trials, CT-388 showed a significant weight loss of 8.4% after just four weeks, along with improvements in insulin sensitivity and reductions in waist and hip circumference. These results suggest that CT-388 could offer a comparable if not superior alternative to tirzepatide, particularly in terms of rapid efficacy and weight management​ (Carmot Therapeutics)​.

CT-868: Daily Injectable for Type 2 Diabetes

Meanwhile, CT-868 offers a daily injectable option for type 2 diabetes patients with obesity, providing dosing flexibility and immediate adjustments, contrasting with the weekly CT-388. Phase 2 trial results for CT-868 demonstrate a robust reduction in HbA1c levels and substantial improvements in cardiovascular risk factors, suggesting its efficacy in managing type 2 diabetes could rival or exceed current therapies like Eli Lilly's products​​. Interestingly there is an ongoing phase 1b trial testing CT-868 as an adjunct to insulin treatment in type 1 diabetics!  (Carmot Therapeutics)

CT-996 vs. Orforglipron: Advancing Oral GLP-1 Treatments

CT-996, a once-daily oral GLP-1 receptor agonist, enters the arena as a direct competitor to Orforglipron. Both drugs provide the convenience of oral dosing, but CT-996's phase 1 trials indicate a well-tolerated profile with mostly mild gastrointestinal-related adverse events. This early data supports its potential to match or exceed the benefits of Orforglipron, highlighting the significance of patient convenience and compliance in treatment choice​ (GlobeNewswire)​.

Additional Pressure Coming From All Directions

Adding to the competitive pressure on Eli Lilly is Viking Therapeutics with VK2735, another novel drug in the obesity and diabetes sector. This further intensifies the need for Eli Lilly to maximize its current market position. Of course there are other promising investigational treatments like maritide from Amgen, pemvadutide from Altimmune, and survodutide from Boehringer Ingleheim. All of which show tremendous promise in treating diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic disorders.

With Roche's strategic acquisitions set to disrupt the market, Eli Lilly must capitalize on the current monopoly of tirzepatide. Implementing the #ReleaseTheVials campaign could help maximize profits and patient loyalty before new competitors, like Roche’s offerings and Viking Therapeutics’ VK2735, enter the market. This intensified competition promises exciting developments for diabetes and obesity treatments.

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