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I'm Dave. On The Pen is my thing. My passion. But so are my 4 kids, and so is my day job. In order to sustain my efforts, I have to cover the costs involved with OTP. The website, the programs that make it pretty, and the tools that help people connect to it. A gift of ANY amount is greatly appreciated!

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Mother’s Day: There are no words, but I’ll try.

To my wife,

What can be said that hasn’t already been said? Not much, but it’s all worth saying a thousand times!

You have had nearly 25 years of my words to try to articulate:

What a great wife you would be. What a great wife you’ve become. What a good mother you would be. What a great mother you’ve become.

Trying to foresee each season is impossible, but foreseeing how you will rise to the occasion is not. To me, you’re otherworldly, superhuman. Super sexy 😉 . You are all that is woman, and I’m so thankful that God chose you to be the one my babies call “mommy”. They are eternally blessed, and they love you as much as I do… Somehow. I’ve always put you on a pedestal, and I’ll be darned if you’re ever leaving it 😘.

To my Momma,

When I look back at your story from my perspective, the word that most resonates in my mind is resilience. However, labeling you merely as 'resilient' casts you as the victim in your story, and that is simply disingenuous. While you have indeed shown resilience, the strength, courage, and fortitude have always been there—quietly waiting. Waiting for the moments when you and your family needed them the most. Then life happened. Then death happened. Life’s circumstances brought the fighter in you to the surface, cutting straight through your otherwise peaceful and mild-mannered disposition.

I appreciated your quiet temperament as a child, but it is your fortitude that I admire most as your adult child. No one on this earth loved me before you did. Thank you.

To my Mother In Law,

Somehow, God created two kindred spirits and said, 'I’m going to make you family!' From our very first interaction to our most recent, I feel like we just understand each other. That’s rare. It’s so rare that it eased the sting of 'for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother.' I have always felt loved and understood, despite my many shortcomings and struggles. That’s rare. Where so many sons-in-law feel lesser or undeserving, you have made me feel accepted and welcomed. I have loved your daughter since the day I met her, and you have simply let me love her. You never tried to dictate how things must be, just trusted that God will provide for her—even if He chooses to do it through a broken vessel like me. Thank you.

To All The Moms,

Please know that your worth is immeasurable and your strength is admired. Whether today finds you in quiet reflection or busy with the day-to-day, please remember that your contributions, both seen and unseen, are the backbone of so many lives. You are the unsung heroines who nurture, support, and love, often without recognition or applause. On this day, and every day, may you feel valued and cherished not just for what you do, but for who you are—remarkable, resilient, and irreplaceable.

Happy Mother’s Day

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