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I'm Dave. On The Pen is my thing. My passion. But so are my 4 kids, and so is my day job. In order to sustain my efforts, I have to cover the costs involved with OTP. The website, the programs that make it pretty, and the tools that help people connect to it. A gift of ANY amount is greatly appreciated!

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Navigating Zepbound & Mounjaro Shortages: Equivalent Dosing When Switching Meds

As we all strive to manage our health, particularly those of us living with type 2 diabetes, it's distressing when the medications we rely on become hard to find. Currently, there's a shortage across all GLP-1/GIP receptor agonists, essential for many in their journey to maintain blood sugar levels, continue or maintain weight loss, and to support overall well-being.

Particularly noteworthy is the similarity in doses across different GLP-1 RAs, which might not be immediately apparent. Switching from one medication to another, even from daily to weekly options, can be done sensibly by adhering to equivalent dosing guidelines. This adaptability can be a lifeline in times of scarcity.

Thankfully, for those who may need to switch to a different medication in the class, this resource was shared by a member of the On The Pen: Zepound For Weight Loss Facebook group. It comes from the Michigan Collaborative for Type 2 Diabetes found here.

Understanding that these shortages are more than just an inconvenience—they can be genuinely anxiety inducing—there are strategies we can employ to stay on track. Engaging with our local pharmacies to check the availability of our regular medications or seeking alternatives covered by insurance can make a significant difference.

As we navigate these shortages together, remember, you're not alone. Your perseverance and adaptability will be critical as you utilize all the available tools to advocate for yourself. For more detailed information and support, sign up for our email alerts, follow our socials, and most importantly keep connected with healthcare providers who can offer personalized advice and alternatives.

Stay strong, stay informed, and let's continue to support each other through every hurdle.

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